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Are you thinking about purchasing a home to save money on rent or to make room for growing family? Are you an empty-nester thinking about downsizing into a smaller home or just relocating due to unforeseen circumstances?  If you are thinking of moving, check out the search property feature or give me a call to set up your customized search!

Home Sellers

Pacific Northwest Home Sellers

If you are selling a home, they look their best when they are staged and updated with the latest trends in mind.  If you don’t know what to update or how, give me a call.  I can help!   My specialty is being able to assess what the homeowner should invest in to bring the highest return with regards to updates and upgrades, with the least cost. This is why I am an asset to investors. Since I show homes almost every day, I know what buyers are looking for!

Property Investors

Property Investors Puget Sound

Property investors can make a little money (or a lot!) by either purchasing a home to “flip” or rent out.  They do that by buying at a good price and I can help find those homes that fit your business model. Some of the investors I work with purchase multi-family homes to use as rentals. Others purchase single family homes to fix and rent for an income stream.  Still others will want to fix up and sell dilapidated homes to make a little profit. Whatever your goals are, I look forward to helping!

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