Purchasing a home is exciting.

There can also be a lot of unknowns, especially if it is your first home purchase. Whether you have purchased several homes or you are an investor, these are the steps of How To Purchase a Home. Choose the path that’s right for you!

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Steps in Purchasing a Home

  1. Gather financial documents (W-2’s, tax returns, bank statements, existing financial obligations)
  2. Get referrals for loan professionals so you can get pre-qualified. Set an appointment.
  3. Talk with your Realtor to discuss your goals and make a plan and answer any questions
  4. We set up an automated email of homes that fit your criteria. Then we will go see the homes that you are interested in – This is the fun part!
  5. Make an offer on a home. The details are negotiated by the real estate professionals. We have an obligation to act in your best interests.
  6. Once your offer is accepted, you will want to start the loan application process.
  7. Schedule the home inspection and negotiate any inspection items.
  8. The appraisal will be ordered by your loan professional. You may also be asked to provide additional documentation to the loan officer for your loan processing.
  9. Review the Title Report – Any red flags will be discussed
  10. Talk to an Insurance Professional and secure home owners insurance
  11. Sign your closing papers and bring in the funds for closing.
  12. Recording of the loan documents and title change
  13. Get the keys!

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