How to sell a house.

Use this as a guide to the process of selling your home.

Home Seller Guide

Prepare, prepare, prepare! Getting your home ready to sell probably is the most important step in selling your home. Look at the Sellers Guide to get your home in the best shape so it will sell faster and for a higher price! This checklist will also be helpful to insure the buyer’s home inspection goes smoothly and you don’t have too many work orders.

Market Analysis

The approximate value of your home is arrived at by doing an extensive study of the real estate market around your home.  This market analysis will show us the most likely value your home will sell at.

What are the costs to sell my home?

Things like excise tax and other costs will be subtracted from the sales price. We will go over these costs during your consultation. They include paying off any existing home loans, prorated taxes and interest, brokerage fees, title and escrow fees, etc. Your net proceeds sheet take what you will receive from the sale of your home, minus the costs. If you are purchasing another home, you will want to know this!

Are you ready to sell?

If you are ready to sell, we will sit down together and talk about your desired timeframe to move and answer any questions! Then we sign the listing paperwork to get your home listed for sale!

Selling your home can be exciting time. Give me a call or fill out the contact form to get started!

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